Get to Annecy's Fete du Lac by bus

You're wondering... Why would I access Annecy's Fete du Lac by bus ? Well, here's the answer.

Annecy turns out to be a crowded city during summer and even worse during the Fete du Lac. It is hard to find a parking spot. 

Getting in Annecy by bus is therefore an excellent choice :

  • You will be dropped downtown, a few steps away from shops, restaurant... and the Lake !
  • You do not have to bother looking for a parking spot during hours (nor to pay parking)
  • You won't have to drive and you can rest, talk and admire the landscape during your trip to Annecy.

How to book you tickets ?

To book additional returns, you will need to book your tickets separately.

For your one-way ticket : Choose the bus stops of your choice.

For your return ticket :  Choose “Avenue de France” as departure and choose the bus stop of your choice as arrival.

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From Geneva Downtown and Airport

  • You will land in Geneva Airport
  • You will depart from Geneva downtown
  • You live between Annecy and Geneva : Grand-Lancy, Plan-les-Ouates, Saint-Julien-En-Genevois, Andilly, Cruseilles...

The T72 line rallying Geneva Airport, Geneva downtown to Annecy is waiting for you ! There are over 10 departures each day. Take a look at the timetables and book here.